Monday, August 21, 2017

Chilliwack Fair

The Chilliwack Fair is smaller, and closer, and parking is more straightforward, so AS LUCK WOULD HAVE IT I was solo that day. Just me and these kids AND MOANA.

Also Belle.

Did a karate demo.

Petted a chicken.


Petted a more different chicken (there are many varieties of chicken!).

Talked to a llama.

Watched some dancing, spent way more than our fair share of time in a bounce house because there was nobody in line, waited forevvvvver for the pig races (which I hate, but the kids love), ate some terrible pizza, and then got ourselves this marvelous confection to go out on.

Sunday, August 20, 2017


Joel has maybe half a day off a week these days, so we usually try to make A Thing of it.

Luckily, we got all these agricultural fairs to go to! The Agrifair is the bigger one, and it involves DRIVING there and finding PARKING and ugh I just can't, so I'm super glad Joel was around for this. Had to fake-milk this cow!

Pet this goat!

Putt this putt!

Eat this butter chicken poutine!

Eeeeeeat it.

Jump in this pit of foam blocks!

Hang from this bar!

Go on this teensy ride!


Eat this funnel cake topped with ice cream!

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat it.

Monday, August 07, 2017

Saving us from ourselves

There are a lot of babies around right now.



It makes us all very excited for Our Baby (Baby Brussels Sprout, per the girls), but it also reminds us (me) of what a baby is. You have to HOLD THEM SO MUCH and also they need to EAT and SLEEP and they need HELP DOING THOSE THINGS omg babies are so needy. So I've really been leaning into letting my kids wake up whenever and just hang around in their rooms for an hour (some hours) before I let them out for breakfast, or taking them to the splash park in the evening and lying in the shade with a book and just sort of keeping a loose eye on them.

And then getting them pizza for dinner because they can eat pizza! With their own hands and mouths!

But so we had been doing a lot of that, and then the Smoke Monster: BC Edition descended, and now all is smoke, everything is smoke, the sun is burnt and dead like in that one world in The Magician's Nephew, where they wake up the White Witch.

We stayed inside for two whole days because SMOKE! TINY LUNGS! But Joel is working basically always, and after two days I was like, Nope, I'm gonna do a murder if we stay in here, and that is way worse for your health, so we met up with some friends at the lake.

And it was just me! With my two kids! But also my friends, and so when Eleanor wanted to swim out to the buoy with the ladies, but I had to stay behind with Geneva, there were ladies to swim with her.

And then today, we met up with some other friends at the lake and it was HOT and the children were MANY and everybody wanted to be on the DOCK AT ALL TIMES except me, please let me always be in the shade forever, so my kids went out on the dock with the other kids and the other kids' dads and Geneva jumped off the dock (unlike her) into the arms of (to her) a random dad (VERRRRY unlike her) and I was so proud! Adapt, my little munchlettes.

And right when we were in the thick of trying to stay home and stay inside and everyone was FIGHTING and it was only TEN AM, my father-in-law texted to see if he could come read to the girls for a bit, and he DID and I went to the STORE FOR MILK BY MYSELF and so we are all still alive.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

We go to stuff.

Sometimes you go to stuff, and it's dumb! My parents and my sister and I went to this German cultural festival one time in Saskatoon that ended up being a handful of Germans and some sauerkraut in a school gymnasium. But 'you never know until you go,' as Eleanor says.

I'm trying to teach my kids to be goers, to show up for things and not worry about whether others will show up. I ESPECIALLY am doing this when I've spent all week thinking Saturday is my mom's birthday, and Sunday is the BBQ and Corn Festival, when both those things are actually next weekend and it's not until Friday that I realize that tomorrow, when Joel is on call two days running, we have no plans.

So we ended up at a 'Super Hero and Princess Party' at the downtown market. LOLOLOL there was nobody there. Like, no princesses, no super heroes, and like five vendors. 'Is it like this because of the rain, or?' 'Oh, we usually have around eleven vendors.' Ok so I'm not driving downtown again to hit this one up.

But we were already downtown, and dressed to kill, and it was DRIZZLY, so we went to The Bookman to read their Geronimo Stilton collection and play with all their toys and stroke their extremely tolerant cat.

You should always go to stuff. But you should know that you can always bail.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The out and aboutest

We are at peak summer over here. We are figuring out stuff to do! Chilliwack is no Saskatoon, and you have to pay for so many more things and DRIVE to so many more things, but there are things, and now we have all these people being like, Come do a thing with us! So there's that.

So we went to the water slides with my sister and her husband and her kids. I would never have taken my kids to the water slides alone. It's so expensive! And how much stuff is there really for littles to do.

SOOOOOO much stuff, apparently. My sister was like, How long do you think we'll be there, and I'm like, I don't see us lasting more than two hours. It was after 1pm and we still had to drag them away by their scruffs.

Last night we went to Abby to meet up with some old, old friends (the friends who landlorded us when we were first married!) who are in town, and some other friends who actually live in Abby! Where I never go! Because I hate driving! And it was GREAT and nourishing and the kids played until it was like 8:30 and we had to drag them home.

And then today! We went to the zoo! With cousins! What larks!

We took the train!

We saw some animals!

The girls rode their bikes!

Geneva you're not riding, good thing I brought this wagon.

Look at this baby I am twin-shirted with! Ughhhhh she makes me so excited to have a baby.


Look at this disgusting zoo-foot.

And then this happened

and the whole drive home I was thinking to myself about how I could get away with not cooking and also I was SO HUNGRY because it was like 4:30, and then Joel texted should he come home for a bit over dinner, should he grab Whoppers, and it was a burger king miracle.

I am normally super opposed to blowing through nap time, or getting home from stuff late, because I like being alone and at home and quiet! I like locking my kids in their rooms and then getting shit done, OR ALTERNATELY just reading a book! But sometimes (oftentimes! Lately!) things are just so good that you can't seem to leave.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Canada Day

Did I tell you about Canada Day! It appears I did not. Canada Day holds a special place in my heart as a festival day, because the Canada Day festival in Saskatoon is the first festival we attended, like minutes after we moved, and Saskatoon is where we realized that we are Festival People.

Anyway. So we were gonna go to this thing across town but apparently the mosquitoes are bad over there, and the shenanigans up at Harrison had a pet parade and also Harrison is just, like, lovely and beachy.

So we watched the pet parade

and then just, you know, hung out on the beach for some hours.

And got hot dogs.

And got ice cream.

And then just rolled back to the car! (The car is always so far away.)