Thursday, November 02, 2017

Trick-or-treating like it's their job

HALLOWEEN GETS BETTER EVERY YEAR eventually one of my kids is going to be a sad sack about it and I'll have to stop saying that but NOT THIS YEAR.

I made them decide on their costumes like a week into October so we could start assembling the bits, and Eleanor drew up some costume pairings she thought would work.

(From left: Ariel and Rapunzel, an apple and some grapes, Wonder Woman and Batgirl, Belle and Elsa, Squirrel Girl and Tippy Toe)

Eleanor really wanted to be Squirrel Girl but Geneva didn't want to be the sidekick (what is this, last year?), she wanted to be Ms Marvel, and Eleanor took SOME CONVINCING that those two would be a legitimate pairing as they are both Marvel superheroes and have in fact appeared in a few issues together. 'I want them to be in the same book, mom.' But she finally agreed to mock Geneva up a Ms Marvel costume.

And then we spent two weeks pulling bits of things from thrift stores and gluing bits of other things onto still more things and dragging old jackets and boots out of storage.


Squirrel Girl, Squirrel Girl, powers of both squirrel and girl

And because I will readily admit that these are some niche superheroes and not everyone knows what they look like:


And then my parents and my sister and her husband and kids came out, and we met up with my in-laws and THEIR kids and some other kids and it was just a HORDE OF CHILDREN LOOK AT THEMMMMM

We went for like an hour? And everyone else was done and we dropped my sister and her entourage off at our house to get their car and things

but these girls of my heart were not done and it was so balmy and dry and they were being so hilarious and delightful that we kept going.

We went for ANOTHER hour, and by the time we got back, our cauldron, which we had left on our stoop (as is the custom in these parts) was empty.

(Earlier cauldron shot, obv)

'MOM. Can we put some of our candy into the cauldron so we have things to hand out to trick-or-treaters.' I meannnnnnn, can you.

I let them stay up until the cauldron was empty again


And the girls 'did lines' in the breaks between treaters

and finally the cauldron was empty and everyone went to bed.

Monday, October 30, 2017


Once again, Halloween is here and I love it so much. Everybody wearing skelejams!


Paint that vampire, Geneva.

DECORATIONS. I thought this guy might be just on the other side of the horrifying line but the girls looooove him. Geneva calls him 'Mr Peek-a-boo' and spends every breakfast exasperated with him. 'Mr Peek-a-boo keeps trying to play peek-a-boo with me but I need to be eating my food.'

Geneva's first day of preschool, she ACTUALLY NAPPED so Eleanor and I had a chance to build this foam house. We learned from last year and just brought out the glue gun straight away.

Got a bone snake for the stairs; both girls make a point of screaming at him whenever we walk past, even if we are mid-conversation.

My new house is amazing, there're just way more places to put stuff like a disembodied hand.

This marvelous beastie finally went on sale enough for me to spring for him.

This pensive sir is also new, but he is from the dollar store.

We got an 'Is It Too Early For Halloween' donut from the cafe one pro-d day and I was like, Sirs it is the 20th, you know it's not.

Made black death waffles again. It's like, how much more black could they be? (I feel like maybe a little more black. Catch me next year.)

Eleanor has been asking to 'make a potion' and been drawing up lists of potion ingredients and tools she would need so one day I just...gave them some kitchen junk and let them make potions.

We made some skeleton pretzels. Literally all I had to do was melt the chocolate and put it in the bag.


We did a dry run of the costumes today and they look so good I am so excited tomorrow is gonna be so good.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

I'm a free woman

This little yam fry is in preschool now.

We had signed her up for the preschool on the same campus as Eleanor's elementary school, and I was like SUUUUUPER one stop drop-off this is going to me amazing, but then some legislation re class sizes was passed and all the preschools that were in elementary schools lost their spots because the elementary schools needed the space for their extra classes and I am ALL FOR smaller class sizes but like this legislation was passed last fall and the preschools got the word they were being kicked out IN MAY and omg the panic.

The teachers from the school we had registered for started up their own preschool above our local sushi place, but it required extensive renovations and we weren't sure it was going to be done in time for fall and it they only just finished inspections two weeks ago but HERE WE ARE and this gave me a chance to get Eleanor settled in kindergarten before launching Geneva off on her own.

Shut up with that face, you love it.

She's so excited to have a teacher and wear a backpack and bring a snack, she thinks she's so big. *I* am so excited to have six hours a week to my own self. SO BIG INDEED! But also, still so little.

Monday, October 02, 2017

Busy birds

Well! Hello! Time is flying by. That first week of school was a doozy, and things continue apace. I'm trying this new thing where I put my kids in all the activities they requested (jk Eleanor also wants to be in martial arts and tap dance but I have limits) and then I can pull them out of stuff if we can't hang but so far it's been pretty great! Joel is working a ton, so it's nice to have like a dance class or something to go to some evenings. Geneva's dance class is in the morning while Eleanor is at school

and I have no First Day of Dance photo of Eleanor because THAT WAS MY SOLE ERROR in that first week, I wrote down the day wrong and we missed her class and the receptionist was really shirty to me about it and now I'm always apprehensive about getting the wrong time or room for that class but in lieu please accept this photo of her first day but everyone's second day but also Free Cheeseburger Day at McDonalds.

Both of the squirrels are in soccer

Eleanor's back at gymnastics

and Geneva is taking swimming lessons this month because preschool doesn't start until later (IF AT ALL that is a whole saga into which I will not enter here).

And then there is school. Eleanor is at school EVERY DAY and I LOVE IT because she is a lot of person. So we get breaks from each other and then I like her so much more in the afternoon and she has a lot to tell me about chlorophyll. Geneva is a pretty chill dude when she gets to be lady of the manor, so she and I are enjoying our few months of solitude before I have this baby. Which isn't to say she doesn't MISS ELEANOR.

This happens literally every day.

'Geneva! I'm so glad you're here!'

No end in sight for this.

And sometimes Eleanor let's Geneva carry her backpack home.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Summer goals

Welp, we went apple picking last week so its really fall I guess. We had some summer goals, met with greater or lesser success. OBVIOUSLY like 'go to all the festivals' and 'go to the water slides' and etc. But like more minor goals.

Make ice cream

Eat ice cream that we did not ourselves make (I feel like we kind of biffed on this one; we only went to Coneheads TWICE and Geneva wasn't even along that second time, and we never made it to Birchwood Dairy or to that Moose place out in Yarrow that I had a coupon for, BUT at least we had Josie (!) with us for our Coneheads run)

Go to the lake so, so much

Go to the splash park so so much

Rent a canoe

Have rollkuchen

Eat breakfast on the deck every day for like WEEKS

Pick all the fruits:



blueberries in fact a couple of times

DID NOT PICK BLACKBERRIES what is wrong with us they are FREE

And THEN I was like, I'm gonna make a good dessert out of each summer fruit, but aside from some baller peach fritters I made one day, and a few peach pies I threw in my freezer, and one black-and-blueberry pie I made out of last year's freezer leavings, I miffed this one too!

Anyhoo. Now it is fall. Time to go jump in some leaves.