Monday, April 10, 2017

A cold day, a warm day, a birthday.

Hoo golly, was this weekend ever a frolic. There was a food truck festival in the next town over, so we braved the weather and it was cold and people need to stop telling me how warm it was this time last year because by the time WE showed up in July, it was raining again (you may recall). Anyway: food trucks; cold.

Got this dim sum platter.

Got this ham hock with sauerkraut and some super dry rye bread, it was not great.

Got this Godzilla mac n cheese, with seaweed bits and Japanese mayo. Geneva in the back tryna snatch the fork.

Got a bag of mini donuts, for warms if nothing else.

Went home oh man so cold.

BUT! Sunday morning was bright and sunny, and there was a barn-burner a'happening. A bbq competition. A meat roast!

We got there like 10 minutes after start, and still had to park a mile down the road and walk, but it was WORTH IT.

Immediately we walk in, there's this giant wood-burning oven, and they hand us two slices of this mango-pineapple chutney, pulled duck, goat cheese pizza.

Some couple dozen vendors showed up to participate in the competition, but also to just like roast a whole pig and then chop it up in front of us and let us squirt one of four bbq sauces on it. I asked the girls later what their favorite part was, and they BOTH said the pig that was being cut up! Even though they also got their faces painted, and other rad things. The wierdos.

Eleanor was a unicorn.

Geneva was a doggo.

And then much later, when we found the balloon animals, Geneva got a unicorn and Eleanor got a dog. On purpose they did this.

Anyway. Grill marks here,

cheese scone there,

baby riblet eats a riblet.

And then we all rolled home.

And THEN. We went to Frankie's birthday party, for whom we had gotten a horse (we spent a non-zero amount of time brushing that horse's mane).

I was like, Let's wrap him up so he still looks like the thing he is! It'll be hilarious. It turned out to be SUPER DIFFICULT but also look at him he looks majestic.

The girls had ice cream sundaes,

they played out in the warms,

the horse was ceremoniously unwrapped!

And then we all ate Chinese food and rolled ourselves home.

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Ladies' Day (and a bit)

I had a Ladies' Day! It was basically flawless. Those of us with kids got our husbands to take Monday off work, those of us with jobs took Monday off work ourselves, the mom with the biggest van drove around and picked us all up Sunday after lunch, we were like WHY DID WE NOT THINK TO MAKE A PLAYLIST, we drove in to Vancouver, to the Hyatt, and went straight to the rooftop hot tub.

It was so sunny! It has been raining for weeks, I have been so depressed, but all of a sudden it was bright and clear and we had a reservation at The Alibi Room to amble towards!

I had a ginger beer

and a fried chicken jalapeƱo burger.

THEN! We went to Flyover Canada which I HONESTLY THOUGHT was going to be lame, but they strap you into this roller-coaster-style bench and then you're out over this massive screen and soaring over Canada, and tipping when the camera tips and being misted in the face when you go over Niagara Falls and SCREAMING IN GENUINE TERROR the first time you shoot out over a cliff. It was so great.

In the morning, we lay around in our jams in our two adjoining rooms and gabbed, until it was time to wander (IN THE SUNSHINE) down to Cafe Medina.

Look at this fricassee I had! That egg is making a break for it. Friends I had spare ribs in my breakfast.

And then we called for a round of waffles, because they come with little dipping sauces in flavors like rosewater white chocolate pistachio (good) and salted caramel (great!) and creme de la fruit de passion (AMAZING).

Lookit mine waffles.

Then we rented bikes! And biked around the sea wall! In the sun!

Look at this weather though.

Havin a sit, havin a chat.

And then the girls very graciously let me skip out on them for half an hour, because I have a NEPHEW and he is my FIRST ONE OF THOSE and he is VERY NEW. He is also a sleepy little dude! Look at his teensy yawn!

So they let me run off to cuttle him and hug his parents, who also were very gracious and accommodating, and then came and got me so we wouldn't get caught in rush hour getting home, and then we came home!

It was a magical 30-ish hours, in which I did basically all the things I like doing.