Monday, January 01, 2018



Things have been happening.  Did I tell you that ALL OF US had babies this year? Both of Joel’s sisters, and then both of mine, and then we squeezed Lionel in just under the wire. Christmas was laden with babies, I tell you. 

YOU get a baby, and YOU get a baby, and YOU ALSO get a baby!

We introduced some new traditions this year, like the Jólabókaflóð

(this was my first solo day with three children, so it coincided nicely with when I had already planned to dump a bunch of new reading material on my kids)

and held with some old traditions, like the hot-chocolate-Grinching 

(also on this, my first solo day. I basically saved all my best tricks for this first day).

And then in and among and around all the Christmas festivities we took Lionel to the dr (all of us)

and painted some nutcrackers

and tattooed ourselfs 


And also Eleanor turned six, more about which anon. 

And that was the last thing! That I had to plan for. You guys I have been making LISTS and pre-buying shit and dragging things out of storage and putting them somewhere accessible because I knew that once I had a baby, my time was no longer my own. I have been So Organized, because I still wanted to have a Christmas! And do all the things! But now the things are done and I can just sit here, trapped under this baby who won’t sleep in his swing today, and eat leftover cheese and the muffins my mom made for me when she was here, and wait for school to start again. 


Constance said...

Look at that new baby’s sweet face! He already looks like he has plans with his fun mum.

blackbird said...

Aside from the kids, I'm loving your HOUSE.


Pam said...

You are such an organised wonder. What lucky children. And lucky you too.