Saturday, April 08, 2006

i guess since i have this thing, i should be blogging

so, my best friend is getting married, and this wedding (along with my samuel-kings paper) is consuming my life. this is her -->
and i love her, but i am never being a maid of honor again. so anyways, here i am with this huge paper due and it's saturday, and i have to be in burnaby by sunday morning for more wedding stuff (which i DONT mind doing at all, robyn, i love you, but i have to set up the story) and the greyhound busses leave at 3:30 (when i am at a shower for another girl) and at 9:35 (says the schedule). i don't know HOW i'm going to get to the greyhound station, because joel's at an athletics banquet all evening (this is joel), and i asked chelsea to drive me to work yesterday and hate to ask favors 2 days in a row. so benny boop (this is ben) says he'll drive me and we leave in plenty of time and get to the station at 9:20, and the ticket counter is CLOSED but the two guys waiting for their bus say i can buy a ticket on the bus, so we scrounge through ben's truck to find me enough change to buy a ticket, and then ben leaves to take amy to walmart, and i sit down, and the two guys ask me where i'm going and i say vancouver, and they say, that bus just left, like 5 minutes ago and i probably swear a bit at this point, and phone ben and amy who come back from walmart to get me. then ben offers to drive me to surrey so i can catch the skytrain in to burnaby, and amy comes too because she knows the way, and we stop at a gas station and amy buys a slurpee that she doesn't even want, and we get some free licorice. we talk about our lives and what horrible mistakes we make and how good God's grace is, and then they drop me off at the skytrain. the car is fairly empty when i get on, and i sit at the opposite end of the threatening-looking man, and then three polish guys get on and sit in my space, and they chat me up all the way home, which i don't really mind because the threatening-looking man keeps sending me threatening looks, and it's only we five in the car and if they weren't there it'd only be we two, and i'm not down with that idea. i get off the train and it's raining. hard. my parents got a new house number just after i moved out and i don't know it, and they both have new cell phone numbers (as in, new to this past year or so) and i don't know them either. in fact, the only cell phone number i know is my sister's, and she's in vancouver for the night (i know this because i phone her). anyways, i end up walking home, and it's only a 10 minute walk if you can cut through the mall, but the mall is closed because it's 11:15 by this point, and so it's a 20 minute walk in the pouring rain, and this guy follows me for probably 6 blocks, and i wish i had those polish guys back, but then my sister phones and as soon as following-guy sees me on my cell phone he turns around and heads away and i breathe easy. and i tell her that i'm walking home in the rain and she tells me that she loves me and then somehow everything is ok. and now i'm going to sleep on the couch with my dog (this is my dog)

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alan.schram said...

I was not that creepy guy following you.

I promise.

Sounds like a bit of an adventure though...