Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Here come the saddlebags!

Poor little blog! I have abandonmented you! But I have been very, very busy.

I mean, first there was Superbowl, which isn't complete without little chocolate-mint-cookie-sandwiches shaped like footballs

and also a football-field bean dip.

And then I made a flan, but not like that time Robyn and I made a low-fat flan (and it was basically a caramel-covered omelette). This was a full-fat flan, and it was delicious.

And then it was Valentine's Day and I made cookies for Joel's class

And then I lapsed into a diabetic coma. But when I came to, I whipped up some individual-sized key lime pies

and then the World's Most Time-Consuming Bars (the recipe for which here, and which were TOTALLY worth the eleventy-one steps)

and also some two-bite brownies (for which no picture, since they look exactly like the ones you buy in the store EXCEPT that the ones you buy in the store don't have a Rolo wedged in the middle).

Also, I learned to play squash.


Jane said...

Your 'time consuming bars' are much neater in appearance than the ones on the link.

Ms Unger said...

I gained 5 pounds just reading that. So good.