Friday, August 07, 2009

I cannot be left alone in the house.

So I bet you're all wondering what I'm doing on this, the first weekend in MONTHS where we are neither going to the mainland nor having the mainland come here nor camping nor staycationing nor nothing, and THAT is the answer: I will be doing nothing.*

But for right NOW I'm baking some coconut-topped brownies for a bbq tonight, and I made the brownie bottoms which have to cook first for a while, and I always think I'm so clever, all I'll just do this differently, or add some of this, but I never seriously consider the ramifications of what I'm doing or why the recipe may not have called for a layer of chocolate chips between the brownie and the coconut, and the answer IS that spreading what amounts to coconut, sugar and eggs onto a sort of half-baked brownie base is challenging, but spreading cocosugareggs onto a SWAMP of melted chocolate chips on top of a half-baked brownie base is a whole new level of impossible. Also, I made the cocosugareggs too early and the brownie base still had 10 more minutes to half-bake, so I sat there for 10 minutes eating cocosugareggs and yes, I REALIZE THE SALMONELLA RISK PLEASE DO NOT BRING THIS UP UNLESS YOU ARE MY MOTHER, and now I feel over-sugarated.

*Of course, by 'nothing' I mean 'studying for my midterm on Monday and also reading the play that's due to be read for that day and also trying to catch up on the intarwebs.' So, sort of like nothing.

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Anonymous said...

Mmmmm... that sounds so yummy. It's too late to worry about the salmonella thingy, you already ate the RAW eggs. It is kinda like eating cookie dough and I know you've done that a 1000 times.

You are such a funny girlie to me. Can't wait for you and Boo to write books together. Luv Mum