Wednesday, March 20, 2013

BC is for noms.

One of the best things about going home is the eats. Vancouver is a great place for foodstuffs, AND there's someone to leave the baby with so we can eat our meat and bread in peace, without grabby fingers grabbing.

The other best thing about going home, however, is feeding Eleanor new and exciting things. We went to Five Guys Burgers and Fries and ordered an extra patty on the side, which Eleanor APPRECIATED WITH HER MOUTH.

She's so teethy these days. And she's had burger patty before, but near the end of the meal she was like, There is something in that bag that you guys aren't sharing with me.

So we gave her her first ever French fry, and at first she was like

but then she was like

She also had her first steak, her first farmer sausage, and her first homemade perogy.

Homemade perogies are the reason we go home.

Oh, and hey Eleanor, this cheddar is older than you are.

You don't say?

But we also left her with the grandparents. Like, a lot. WE WENT ON SO MANY DATES. We went to a Canucks game and stopped in Burnaby for sushi - Joel gets the sashimi and I get the teriyaki (and then Joel goes back for sushi three or four more times that week but I am not so dedicated).

And then one day we were working on a project and needed a lunch break and popped over to this homemade noodle house I used to walk by all the time but never went to, and Joel ordered the large spicy beef and the guy is like, No, really, it's really large, and Joel's like, Ok, because servers say stuff like that all the time, but this was really large.

That is not an optical illusion or a funny camera angle. That is a large bowl of soup. I got the shaved pork with sour mustard greens.

It was fantastic AND it was lunch the next day.

And then we always go to Meat and Bread, which, if you are ever in Vancouver, you should visit. And you should each get the porchetta, and then you should get another porchetta to split afterwards, and then you should lovingly discuss its facets all the way to your movie and for days afterwards.

It is the only perfect sandwich.

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Reading Rambo said...

I want all this food except the noodles and sushi. All of it. Including Five Guys, which I COULD DO because we have that and it is the best and omg why am I juicing when I could be eating hamburgers and ALSO pierogi which is down the street because Chicago has a large Polish population and why don't you visit Raych we will eat all the food.

Just call me James Joyce II.