Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I'm not even the most pregnant I've ever been.

I just want to complain about being pregnant for a sec, but I know how obnoxious that is so here are some pictures of Eleanor doing stuff to make up for it.

I'm at that stage of pregnancy where I spend most of my awake-in-bed time thinking about positions I'd be more comfortable it.

I'm at that stage of pregnancy where I can really only lie in two positions

and one of those is on my back, which the internet keeps telling me not to do

and one of those is on my side with an army of pillows, all of which I have to bring with me when I want to flip to the other side.

I also have to slide a hand under my stomach and flip myself, like a pancake.

Boots, you guys. BOOOOOOTS. Mine are murder to get off and on, but it snowed today, so boots for a while.

In short, I am uncomfortable in the way that you can only be uncomfortable when you know that you're going to continue to be, NAY, to become MORE UNCOMFORTABLE STILL, for another seven weeks. And that after that, you will be uncomfortable in other ways and also have this baby that never sleeps.

Good thing my kid is pretty alright.


Anna {} said...

Yergh, the self-flipping. Hang in there, you'll have another alright kid I think :)

highdivingboard said...

When I was pregnant with J, my prenatal yoga teacher / doula talked about laying on your back. In a small portion of women, the baby presses on a vein and it's bad. BUT. It's easy to tell. If you lay on your back and you get dizzy, that's bad, don't lay on your back. If you don't get dizzy, you're one of the 90% of people who are fine.

I wake up on my back all the time, this pregnancy. With my hands over my head. Like a prisoner. It's weird.

Amy said...

This one will sleep.

Amanda said...

I slept on my back all the time when I was hugely pregnant since it was the only way I could get even a tiny bit comfortable. Like highdivingboard said, I figured if anything was about to go really wrong I'd be able to tell. Do what you gotta do.