Sunday, September 07, 2014

Fall is falling.

There's an undertone of cold in the air, now. And I love fall as much as the next white girl wearing yoga pants, but winter is coming omg and it's sort of hampering my boots-and-sweaters excitement. I'm trying to love fall for fall, and not hate it for a harbinger. Because rain is kind of fun, right?

And we still have a garden.

And it's not too cold to go in the pool on its last day (thanks for staying open until Labor Day, Kinsmen Park), but it's cold enough that you need a sweater after.

And because it's still technically summer, we're wiping a few last items off the bucket list.

Find new splash park: we just picked one off the map one morning and oh man, Parkridge is a run-down splash pad.

Plus the adjacent playground is for kids like five years older than Eleanor, so everything was too big. Whatever, live and learn.

Eat an early supper and then bike down to River Landing afterward: one of my favorite things about last summer was biking down to River Landing in the evening when the heat of the day had burned off and the crowds had dispersed. We have SO MANY KIDS now, and Joel's schedule has been so erratic that this was the first (and last) time we managed to have dinner by 5:30 and get our butts down there.

Oh Geneva, you goof.

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