Monday, November 24, 2014

Cuban lessons

You guys. Geneva grew like three sizes while we were in Cuba (I speak metaphorically, of course, referring to her intellectual development, but also literally, because she was up like five times a night and I can't in good conscience let her cry herself back down when we are SHARING WALLS WITH PEOPLE so when we get her weighed on Friday she'd better have gained at least two pounds from all these nighttime feeds is what I'm saying). She learned about:

Munching her toes


Sitting up

Fancy drinks

Coconut drinks

Sleeping just like right here or whatever





Strangers and how much she LIKES them.

Geneva's always been really starey (much like Eleanor was at her age), but with all the staff and guests coo-chooing at her, somehow the penny dropped and now she does this GRIN at people that spans her WHOLE FACE and it's amazing.


Reading Rambo said...


Also I totally had a dream I met Eleanor The End I just felt like I should tell you nope nobody's weird here ok bye.

Vasilly said...

Geneva's sitting up!! God time is going by so fast!!