Tuesday, December 02, 2014

You may begin to yule.

December is upon us, and we are festiving all OVER the place. I have made a Winter Bucket List (see above) because I know I'm always like, SUMMER IN SASKATOON IS THE BEST but winter can be kind of good also. Especially Christmas time.

Saturday we went to the Festival of Trees. It's so lovely.

The gingerbread houses are always ridiculous.


Also, because it's in the Western Development Museum, there's museum stuff everywhere that there isn't Christmas stuff. Like this prehistoric crocodile skeleton.

It's a roar-off.

I usually only take pictures in bathrooms at gas stations at four in the morning, but I made a special case for these because they are delightful.

Sunday Eleanor and I got all tarted up, skipped nap time, left dad at work and the baby with Josie and went to the Max and Ruby Nutcracker Ballet.

It was about 45 minutes long, with a little intermission (during which Eleanor refused to leave the theater in case the ballerinas came back while we were gone). Grandma Bunny read the nutcracker story, and it was very And then a mouse king came and all the toys did battle and ON TO THE LAND OF SNOW AND ALSO THE LAND OF SWEETS. Which I appreciated, because Eleanor is a Person of Nervous Disposition.

(I found this picture from like a year ago, when we watched Finding Nemo, and this is the scene with the sharks:


Sunday night, I went to a friend's house for a cookie swap, and traded my ENORMOUS ARMY of dipped pretzels

for hella other cookies.

Last year I'm like, let me make the most time-consuming thing I know how to make. This year I'm all, Oh, dipped pretzels are super easy. Many episodes of Gilmore Girls later I am just making brownies or some shit next year. Anyway. Now I have afternoon treats (fine, lunch) for myself for the next few weeks. Come at me, Christmas.

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I especially like that big girl dress.