Friday, January 06, 2017

Embiggening all over.

Christmas happened and then a birthday happened and Eleanor turned five

and got a new bed

which means THIS one got a new bed

and also started potty training, and then the day before yesterday she chewed through her last soother and I was like WAIT IT IS TOO MUCH ALL AT ONCE. But, like. It was the last one! So for the last two nights, this brave mcmuffin has slept in her big-girl bed, with no soother.

Or not sleeping, whatever. Everyone is getting so grown.


Kamsarmer said...

That's what happens when you win at parenting! Good job!

Pam said...

So embiggened indeed. Soon, much sooner than you realise, they'll be off to college... And then some boy will come along and think to himself, she looks nice, and suddenly one of your babies will be off with some stranger who isn't nearly good enough (well, who would be?) and...