Wednesday, August 30, 2017

2nd Annual means it's tradition

Time for the Cousin Trip To The Cultus Lake Adventure Park Before Summer Ends All Of A Sudden!


Right away the attendant at the swings is like, You can't go on this because pregnant. I'm like...On the SWINGS. Or like on any of them. He's like...I assume on any of them?

So I watched that one from the cheap seats, and then I went to TALK TO AN ADORABLE BABY RIDE SUPERVISOR NAMED CLAYTON who was like, You are an adult, make your own choices, let them know I said it was fine, maybe don't go on the Bucking Broncos or the Windmill Drop but like if you want to, fine.

I went on that hecking Windmill Drop, that shit is awesome.

But look at these two! So old enough now that we are like, No thank you the spinning on that one will make us queasy before our time, you guys go it alone.

Walked over for sushi for dinner to help weigh down our stomachs, Eleanor is still working on chopsticks.

These two are either fighting or besties, they have no in-between settings.

When I was talking to Clayton, he was helpfully like, Oh the big roller coaster is actually way smoother than the smaller, jerky one. So I managed to talk Eleanor into it AND THEN WE RODE IT LIKE SIX MORE TIMES.

And then we went to Coneheads to sing How Far I'll Go into our rainbow sherbets.

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