Saturday, September 23, 2017

Summer goals

Welp, we went apple picking last week so its really fall I guess. We had some summer goals, met with greater or lesser success. OBVIOUSLY like 'go to all the festivals' and 'go to the water slides' and etc. But like more minor goals.

Make ice cream

Eat ice cream that we did not ourselves make (I feel like we kind of biffed on this one; we only went to Coneheads TWICE and Geneva wasn't even along that second time, and we never made it to Birchwood Dairy or to that Moose place out in Yarrow that I had a coupon for, BUT at least we had Josie (!) with us for our Coneheads run)

Go to the lake so, so much

Go to the splash park so so much

Rent a canoe

Have rollkuchen

Eat breakfast on the deck every day for like WEEKS

Pick all the fruits:



blueberries in fact a couple of times

DID NOT PICK BLACKBERRIES what is wrong with us they are FREE

And THEN I was like, I'm gonna make a good dessert out of each summer fruit, but aside from some baller peach fritters I made one day, and a few peach pies I threw in my freezer, and one black-and-blueberry pie I made out of last year's freezer leavings, I miffed this one too!

Anyhoo. Now it is fall. Time to go jump in some leaves.

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blackbird said...

But when is the big day?