Wednesday, October 18, 2017

I'm a free woman

This little yam fry is in preschool now.

We had signed her up for the preschool on the same campus as Eleanor's elementary school, and I was like SUUUUUPER one stop drop-off this is going to me amazing, but then some legislation re class sizes was passed and all the preschools that were in elementary schools lost their spots because the elementary schools needed the space for their extra classes and I am ALL FOR smaller class sizes but like this legislation was passed last fall and the preschools got the word they were being kicked out IN MAY and omg the panic.

The teachers from the school we had registered for started up their own preschool above our local sushi place, but it required extensive renovations and we weren't sure it was going to be done in time for fall and it they only just finished inspections two weeks ago but HERE WE ARE and this gave me a chance to get Eleanor settled in kindergarten before launching Geneva off on her own.

Shut up with that face, you love it.

She's so excited to have a teacher and wear a backpack and bring a snack, she thinks she's so big. *I* am so excited to have six hours a week to my own self. SO BIG INDEED! But also, still so little.

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blackbird said...

I could eat her for lunch.