Saturday, December 02, 2006


my new earmuffs!!!

are they not enchanting???

do you not wish they were YOUR earmuffs? they have sparkles in them!!!

here they are from the side!!! there is a mess on my floor!!!

i would like to thank blogger, the dollar store, and my sharp-eyed neighbor, candy, for making this all possible.

ps. to candy: i received no less than eight compliments on my earmuffs at work tonight. kudos.

ps to jane: while i did take all of these pictures myself, none of them are in black and white, i do not look pouty in any of them (perhaps a leetle drunk in that last), and not a one of them will be making an appearance on my myspace.


Albert said...

Aye>:0, there's not enough me in this blog. I didn't know you were a fellow Christian.

Re: That Guy Entry
-I remember the Trevor and his dangling of private parts on shoulder but I don't remember you saying to me about not seating him in your section.

raych said...

albert, sweetheart, you're not the only hostess we have. jen was on that night, you're thinking of a DIFFERENT table, those middle-aged ladies at 24 that just wouldn't leave, who trevor offered to harass.

Robyn Bishop said...

Rachel I am glad you found earmuffs... we need to go shopping and eat Cinzeo.

Albert said...

I need my ego stroked from time to everytime ¬_¬.

Paul's leaving eh?

Hannah said...

Fabulous earmuffs! :)


Michael said...

Word up to your muffs. Sparkle away!

ps we need to hang out!