Tuesday, December 19, 2006

bows on bobtails ring

in the spirit of quitting, and of only having (let's count them together, friends...one...two...three...) four shifts left at reds, and of being virtually unfireable, i broke every dress code rule i could think of tonight. instead of my polishable leather shoes, i wore runners (with WHITE SOCKS!!!). rather than my plain dark blue jeans, i wore the ones with the worn patches! a snakeskin belt replaced the black leather one, and to cap it all off, i affixed a large velvet bow to my back belt loop. not only did it lend a festive air to my derriere, but it helped disguise the fact that my apron cuts my no-bum in half.

and because albert thinks there should be more of him in this blog, i'll say it again...albert, if jen didn't work so damn hard, you'd be my favorite hostess.


boo said...

i find that putting an ellipsis after a sentence leaves the reader with uncertainty and the feeling of impending doom. I think the use of the ellipsis should be a cautious one for if someone doesn't know what they're doing, mass miscommunication could be had.
Do you like dad's and my gingerbread house? A little Poe anyone?

joel said...

I accidently pressed play twice on the 'Oh, long johnson' clip and had a hilarious chorus of talking cats. I'd recommend others try it.

Anonymous said...

you look sooooooooooo cute with a big bow on your butt!!!
Congratulations again to YOU! n Joel!!!!
love, candy xoxox

'Bert said...

See, you already have more comments in the lats couple hours just by having my name in the blog ;). For one shift though (this saturday) I'll be your favorite because she's in Prince George for the rest of the year.

Jacki said...

Cute bum ;)