Friday, April 06, 2007

Reasons why Joel is cute

I can always tell when Joel is studying and/or on the Internet for long periods of time, because he sends me e-cards, random quotes, and funny pictures. I can picture him reasoning to himself thusly:

'I have been working steadfastly for many hours, and could use a break. I believe I will send an e-card to my significant other, because I recognize that frequent contact is how she receives love. In this way, I will productively kill five minutes of time.'

I remember being in college (like, a year ago, already), and thinking to myself:
'I have written a slip-shod introductory paragraph to this paper, which will later require some harsh, quasi-thorough 3 am editing. It is time for three consecutive games of Spider Solitaire.'

This is Joel as a mad scientist (read: during midterms)


boo said...

13 days! my goodness

i hope i dont get fat in those 13 days, that would be horribly inconvenient and some what embarassing.

thank goodness for SLOW decline of motabolism

boo said...


i need to read another grammar book - SOON