Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I've been struggling with writing this post. Not the content, per se, but the tone. How do you follow up what amounts to an obituary?

When someone dies, even if you've never met them, you feel compelled to honor their life somehow. Perhaps it is a sort of penance for being here, for being alive when they aren't.

I don't really deal with heavy issues here on the ole citrus. I like my blog to be being flippant and witty. The blogs I enjoy reading (for the most part) are flippant and witty.* I'm too cowardly to wrestle with most of my issues in a venue this public, and then there's always the awkward transition from frolicsome to sombre and back again.

So consider this my segue blog. Neither one nor the other. Maybe tomorrow I'll tell you a tale of the Clarences, or about how Joel never lets me name any of his fish.

*I do appreciate the occasional 'weighty' blog, like when the defective yeti speaks of his autistic son, or when Hannah's adoption dreams hit another hitch, or pretty much everything September's ever written, because it is then that I feel that this blogging thing that we do, it might be worth something.

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september said...

You just made my entire darn week. Nice work. Since no one won the kinky car, no, i mean dinky car, I'm awarding it to you for your very lovely comment. Please send me $10,000 for the shipping and handling.
I miss your more regular blogging, especially about the clarences. Your stories always crack me up. You are a wonderful writer and I bet I enjoy your blog just as much as you enjoy mine. Even steven.