Monday, December 03, 2007

Life imitating art.

Ok, so I'm writing this paper on Frankenstein, right? And I accidentally have a coffee at, like, 9:00 last night, so I'm up until 2:00 working on this paper, because I figure if you're not sleeping, you may as well be doing something. Nothing is worse than lying there, knowing that you aren't resting and you aren't accomplishing anything. So I go to bed at 2:00, and I have this dream that I'm a crime-fighter of some sort. And we're looking for this eight-foot criminal. So I'm at home (even though I'm a crime-fighter now, we still live in the tiniest basement suite) in the kitchen, and in walks my dad...except that he's EIGHT FEET TALL and has a bolt sticking out of his neck. And it's Frankenstein, right? Wearing a mask of my dad's face! And so he comes over and grabs me by the shoulders, and I scream, only it's in a dream so I'm all like 'Garblargh!' but I kind of do it out loud so I wake myself up, and *whew* none of it was real. But my heart is pounding, so I reach over to Joel's side of the bed, and it's empty!!!! So I kind of scream for real this time, because I know he came to bed last night and didn't fall asleep on the couch, but then I check the alarm clock and it's 7:15 and time to get up and then I hear Joel stomping around in the kitchen in a totally non-Frankensteinian manner.

Terrifying, no?

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Hannah said...

But remember the monster is NOT Frankenstein... :) The creator is.