Saturday, December 29, 2007

Things that I do now that I have free time

Wheee! Christmas is over!! I know, my Christmas was awesome and you're all totally jealous and wish you were me, but it was exhausting and by the end of it I was socialized out. Now I have nothing to do but lie around in my sweats and eat chips. I only put pants on for special ocasions, like when the guys came over last night to play TSN Sports Trivia while I got quietly drunk in the corner.

Our landlords brew their own wine, and its quite delicious. They also make an apple wine, which tastes like what I imagine moonshine tastes like.

It made sports-charades more interesting, at any rate.

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Rebekah said...

i can imagine you as a drunken old bitty; the genius type that nobody really understands - the one that everybody wishes they could be because your biography will be very glamorous and your tragedies even more so. Those poor souls fated to live in mediocrisy. Drink up! ye old wench. We can our genius-insanity together.