Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Other blog! Hello, you. I know, once my computer went down I never even fake-updated you from Joel's laptop, and even after I got a new(ish) one, I've sort of been ignoring you. But I have a paper to write, and as per usual, I've come to you to kill some time.

SO! What has happened since we last chatted? The dishwasher repairman came, and I almost offered him my first-born. Our dishwasher here is the He-man of dishwashers. I don't pre-rinse nothing.

Um...Joel had his birthday, and I bought him a George Forman Grill (among other things) and now I can't stop grilling sandwiches. Seriously, EVERYTHING tastes better grilled. Also, it squanches the bread down if you have tall bread, and makes the whole thing easier to eat. Also, it melts your cheese. The other day I made grilled garlic toasts, and they were nommable.

School is going well. I have one prof for 2 classes, and I find out after this that he's a bit of an arbitrary marker, so I submitted my first assignment with fear and trepidation because I knew that whatever mark I got on that would be the final grade I'd be getting in both classes. One assignment from each class and two identical marks later, I'm feeling ok about things.

I am writing a paper.

Did I mention that our car broke down? So, the car broke down and then Joel replaced some things and then it ran like the wind, and then we had to go to this conference in Calgary and we offered this other girl a ride to the airport, and about eight seconds before we were supposed to leave, the car broke down again. So Joel ran all over the map buying new parts and replacing them, and Asia and I looked up bus routes only to find that we'd already missed the last bus to the airport (we will talk about the Victoria transit system later, but for now know that I am unimpressed), and so we had to Phone a Friend and beg for a ride there. We got back from Calgary a few days later at around 7 pm, only to discover that the last bus from the airport to the Park 'n' Ride (where another bus would take us to another bus, which would take us home) had already left. WTF? Planes come in later than 7 all the time. H'anyvays, we were going to walk the half hour or so to the Park 'n' Ride, but some guy saw us trucking along the highway with all of our bags in tow, and picked us up, and THEN drove us all the way home. To our house. Zoot!

UVic is overrun with bunnies. Seriously, this will never get old. I come out of class...bunnies! I come out of the library...bunnies! I walk to the bus stop...bunnies! They are so tame, you could pet one (or punt one, as your preferences lie).

UVic has 4 microwaves on the entire campus, and they are all in one place. Which means that if I'm at Point A and want to microwave my soup before my class at Point B, I have to go to Point X. UVic kind of makes no sense.

UVic is a microcosm of Victoria, which also makes no sense. The roads change names every three blocks, and change direction every five. The roadmaps look less like spiderwebs and more like piles of silly string. I...am unimpressed.

The weather continues to be impressive. It has rained two days out of the twenty-seven that we have lived here, and then this morning it snowed for an hour and has been sunny ever since. I anticipate spring coming in eight seconds or so.

September, this was for you.


September said...

I was quite enjoying this post and then what? Out of the corner of my eye I see my name! And whee! From the Worst Day of 2009 to Not So Bad Day of 2009! I mean, you're practically my blogging idol with your quick wit and made up words that read so well I think I should begin using them in every day speech.
H'vanyvays...you made me smile. Well played.

Uh, I'm going back now to finish reading your entry. I got so excited when I saw my name, I missed everything after the bunnies.
Also, you were in Calgary? Man!

Anonymous said...

Rain? Spring? We're about to get hit by yet another snow storm -- if the good weather gets too much for you, Toronto will take it off your hands!

aleta meadowlark said...

After reading this post, yes. Yes we can. We can make out now.

Thank you so much for your kind words! While I get plenty of compliments (which should be no surprise since I'm so obviously great), it's rare that I actually feel like the compliment-giver actually gets it. One nice lady gave me a little bloggy award, but seemed to feel that the tone was borderline offensive and warned people before clicking. I mean, come on, really?

As for photo skillz, up until August or so, I had only ever used point-n-shoot. Get your hands on a camera you can control and you'll probably be amazed at what you can do too. =)

And hey, I just subscribed to your clever set of words. ;)