Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Three and onwards

Three years ago today Joel and I served ice cream and pie to all of our nearest and dearest, in nuptial celebration.

Two years ago today we were living in Dave and Sheri's basement in Abbotsford and being secret well-dressed ninjas.

One year ago today we  In Victoria.  Joel was pegging away at his first year of med school and I was both finishing and starting a semester, because I am never not in school.

And then it was summer and we went camping a zillion times and surfing once or twice and it was not sunny ever.  Not once.

But we made it on the cover of the Seaside Times anyways.

And then we thought we were going to Sooke for a weekend but the hotel ended up being in downtown Victoria.  Twenty minutes from our house.  So we got our revenge by making fun of all of the statues.

And then Robyn came and we fed the bunns...

And then boo and Darren came and we fed the bunns...

And then Leah and Mike and Tina and Damir came and we did not feed the bunns, but we played in the potholes.

And then school started and then I had cancer and then they cut me open at the neck (twice) and then I couldn't have salt and then I was radioactive and then I didn't have cancer anymore but now I have a second mouth.

And then our basement flooded and then we had a moat, and that was awesome for maybe twenty minutes but then the construction idiots broke our pipes and started a fire and tore down our steps and our deck and we stopped getting our mail and our doors led to bleak, soggy nowhere.

And then we got rid of the Little White Car That Would Never Break Down, and traded it in for the Purpley-Brown Car That Broke Down Immediately and Has Cost Us Serious Moneys and Grief.  You are missed, LWC.

And then I wore a pair of, like, $4000 boots.

And then we finally used our raclette set...

and then I cooked a turkey and no one died...

And we went to Galiano Island and there was a puppy.

And we went to Uclulet and there was a puppy.

And then we got a puppy (note: there is no picture of this happening because it took place IN MY DREAMS).

And THEN we went to the OLYMPICS and everyone who was bitching about it can shut up because it was AWESOME.

And now Joel is finishing up his second year of med school and I am done my penultimate year of school and trying to figure out what it is one does during the summer when one is not in school.  This year has been long and very spiky, but also very excellent.  Here's to longer, more excellent ones to come.


Shari said...

Yahoo for another year! Love you guys! By the way, I totally don't remember the whole ninja thing. It sounds like there's a story there.

Anna said...

Congratulations!! For some reason I did not remember that your wedding was April...I do remember you guys looking oh-so gorgeous, as the pictures prove :) Here's to many more years indeed.
And here's to my confirmation word being "shidsbil" because that also sounds like a blessing on marriage!

leah boldt said...

Congratulations!!! and happy birthday for today!! so many good things in april. and hopefully presents!!