Sunday, April 25, 2010

I have entered my later-late twenties!

I am now 28.  Revel in my adulthood!

Ok so, because you will all want to know, yesterday morning I lolled around in my sweats and read a book about vampires and it was skeeery and then Joel was going to take me for a picnic:

but it rained, so we had a picnic in one of the study rooms at school.

It rained just long enough to ruin our picnic, but not long enough to ruin our bike ride, so we borrowed some bikes from friends and spend an hour dithering around in a cul-de-sac before venturing down a teensy trail and then I crashed into a fence.  Bike ride over.

Joel had to study in the evening because it's been a busy week, so Chelsea and Shannon took over birthday-sitting me.  We had 'book club' which largely centers around gossip and snacks and a movie that VERY LOOSELY ties into the book, and I drank only wine spritzers because those hydrate you while they dehydrate you and I had to run 10k today.

I'm an adult now (again? still?).

Oh and also, Joel and I as a Marital Unit turned 3 on Wednesday, which we celebrated by going to a musical and having dinner at the Cactus Club.  Joel had a duck club on fruit toast, strongly evocative of Mitch Hedberg's banana bread, pastrami and cottage cheese sandwich.  I had a brazillion, which never sounded any less dirty the more we said it but which was actually a mojito with kiwi.

 The end.


Karen said...

Happy Birthday!
Happy Anniversary!
Happy No More Cancer!
Just Happy!

Anonymous said...

Gee... Gotta watch for those quick moving fences. They are such trail hogs! I'm guessing you were not hurt -- that's my main concern.

Luv you adult Birthday girl! We get to see you this week! =0)


Heather J. said...

Happy Birthday you young thing!

Rebekah Joy Plett said...

Mom means next week.

trish said...

I hope you get alot of presents! And eat alot of birthday cake! And get alot of wishes!

Hannah said...

Hi there - it's been awhile since I've checked in and hope it's not too late to say Happy Birthday! :) I haven't blogged in awhile but if you're on facebook drop me a line, you won't believe how big Jesse is getting :) June marks his 3 years anniversary of coming from from Thailand!