Thursday, September 23, 2010

These are not my dogs.

I forgot about these pictures because I took them after my computer broke but before we went to Pragurkreece so I'd put them on Joel's computer and then wiped the memory card.  Remembering they were there was like finding $5 in my coat pocket, if that $5 was also adorable.

Before we left we finally got to meet the new additions to Matt and Gillian's family.  Daisy Dog!  Diesel Dog!  Doggies!

Awww, who is a Daisy Dog?

Snugglable puppies!  Just the right size for holding.

Ok and then also, we went camping with Joel's mom and the campsite across the way from us had a German shepherd/border collie puppy that wouldn't shut up, so we went to visit him and snuggle his face.  They asked if we'd be willing to visit him and snuggle his face again the next day, because they were going to the water slides all day and didn't want to leave him alone.

DO WE WANT TO BORROW YOUR DOGGIE!?  That is a silly question.  How much cute can you handle, is more to the point.  This much cute?

THIS much cute?

Baroo.  He was a sweeting puppy who shat on literally every single one of the five walks we took him on.  Joel would be all, Surely he's not going to shit on this walk.  He just shat two hours ago, and that was his third shit today.  But Joel would be WRONG EVERY TIME.  Also, he (the puppy, not Joel) would chew on my arm when he got tired.  Nutty thing.

Other photos from those three days that I forgot I had:




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Ky said...

Those are the cutest puppies in the world. I pretty much want to eat them up.