Friday, October 01, 2010

Sisterday Adventures!

I know my sister's only been to visit, like, twice, but I feel as though sisterdays are taking on a delicious pattern, probably because we do most of the same non-location-specific things when I come to the mainland.  Y'anyhoo, sisterdays in Victoria tend to begin at John's Place, where the bread is entirely too soft and buttery for anyone's well-being.

Thence to Russell Books, to handle and sniff the wares and discuss our future libraries, which will look a lot like this but with more rolling ladders.

And thence to the mall, where we talk each other out of buying things we already own several of (blue cowl-necked dresses!  The same dress, but in red!  Coats that end at the elbow and do nobody any good!) before buying grey tights and BA jackets and dead-child-bride dresses.

Always and eventually we end up baking something tasty.  The Pioneer Woman's 'Muffins That Taste Like Donuts' allegedly taste like donuts.  Which...inasmuch as anything that you dip in butter

and then into cinnamon sugar

is going to taste like a donut, these taste like donuts.  DONUFFINS! 

If you eat five of them you will feel sick.

Then we strew the Halloween decorations (more about which later and elsewhere), played several rounds of Bananagrams, and (lacking Clue) watched The Emperor's New Groove until we fell asleep.  Sisterdays are exhausting!

Thanks for making the eight-hour round-trip out here, boo, and for drawing a zombie on Sam's pumpkin's face, and for giving me back my sunglasses so I'm not stuck with the one-armed ones.

See you at Thanksgiving.


Rebekah Joy Plett said...

10 hour round trip, ling, and it was worth it. The donuffins are officially eaten.

Wendy said...

I need the recipe for the muffins that taste like donuts puh-leeeeze!

Anna said...

Seriously, I love that you mentioned the coats that end at the elbow. I am forever trying on those cute contraptions and realizing it would be silly to buy one but they are SO CUTE!

Among Amid While said...

How can this be? I have a sister called Boo, too! (Except now she's grown up she wants us to call us by her real name *rolls eyes*)