Thursday, October 14, 2010


I like to save my high-time-expenditure baking risks for family gatherings, because if I am going to take this long to do a thing, I want as many people around to eat the results as possible.

Bakerella made high-hat cupcakes, and they were beautiful, so I wanted to make high-hat cupcakes.  Good thing I had all day, because things went wrong from the word Go.

The cupcakes for the recipe were tender and fluffy, but fragile as all hell.

Those sorry bastards aren't going to be able to uphold any sort of hat.  So I threw together some brownie rounds for a sturdier base.

Hello, you dependable darlings.

And then I spent twelve minutes beating egg whites and sugar over a hot stove.

Deliciously worth it.  That frosting gets piped onto the rounds in the highest poo-frosting-spiral it will support.

The brownie rounds weren't terribly level, so many of them fell over.

But making eighty jillion always ensures that you'll still have an army left

even if half of them meet their sorry deaths on the way to the freezer.

Ok and so they hang out in the freezer solidifying for however long you feel like waiting, and then get dipped in melted chocolate.


Verdict:  Too much work, y'all, unless you are really trying to impress someone, or you have as many people to feed as you have disaster-cakes to make.  Because between the brownie (or whatever) base, the meranguey frosting, and the chocolate, these babies are too sweet to eat more than one of.  Diabeetus to go.

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trish said...

That meringue-y frosting is one of my favorite frostings to make, though I only ever have to beat it for 7 minutes (it's generally called a 7 minute frosting). 12 minutes is a long time to have to hold a hand mixer, though. I think I might read during that time.