Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Last year Joel's class held a silent auction to raise money to help offset the costs of their rural rotations.  I auctioned off three batches of cookies, which were purchased by my favorite of Joel's instructors.  She finally got around to choosing her three batches and I finally got around to making them.  Even though Christmas is over and done, she still wanted ginger snaps

and I know that you are all Ugh, ginger snaps because ginger snaps contain both ginger and molasses, both of which are gross.  But these are Robyn's mother-in-law's ginger snaps and they are AMAZING and I have never not made myself sick on them.  Moving on.

She also wanted fudge puddles, which are those cookie cups I made that time with Robyn, but filled with fudge instead of Easter.  They are deadly delicious on their own

and then you add fudge.

Seriously, make these cookie cups and then put something in them.  ANYthing.  Recipe in that link up yonder.

And also I made brownies but forgot to photograph them before I'd packaged everything up and sent it off.

Presume that they looked like brownies, and that they were great.  And also that I ate those leftover edges afterwards.  ALSO, did I mention that my mother-in-law made me an apron for Christmas?  And that it is darling? 

I just want to prance around in it and bake coffee cakes.

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