Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Have we talked about my yellow boots yet?

I have a fairly virulent strain of ebay fever, and I've been going cold turkey since we booked our tickets to New York because I need that money to eat while I am there.  But boo sent me a link to a locket a few weeks back all, If I had money I'd buy this.  And then while I was already on there checking out the locket, I poked around and found a pair of yellow boots.  For $18.

Dude.  The mennonite in me will not let me not buy a pair of $18 boots.  I was winging it with the sizing, and crossing fingers with regard to the quality, but for that few dollars I figure it was worth the risk.

Except then I had to wait, y'all.  For weeks (ok, like, two weeks).  But last Tuesday they showed up at my door and lawdamercy, do I love them.

The soles are like crepe paper and the construction is a little dodgy.  I don't see them holding up to more than a year of my super-aggressive walking.  But for that year, I will feel like a sunny little elf-pirate.  Ahoy.


Anonymous said...

All I see is green. I think it might be my envy.

alice c said...

Jack Sparrow, eat your heart out.