Sunday, June 05, 2011

I got to wear my Canucks bathing suit ON GAME DAY

I went camping and burnt my forearms because I always think I'm so smart with the sunscreen and haven't burnt, like, the tops of my ears in YEARS and then I miss somewhere random and have to pay for it later.  But the weather was hot and the company was excellent and the pub in town to which we drove I can neither recommend for the food nor the service but the Canucks WON

and the market was markety

and the spicy peanut chicken was indeed spicy and contained both chicken and peanuts

and Ruckle Park is lovely in the gloaming

and we ate quite a lot of eggs fried in bacon grease in the morning (as well as, obviously, bacon)

and there was an unnecessary fence.

OH that fence made me laugh.  What are you guarding?  That grass, from the other grass?


blackbird said...

And they mowed around the fence?

leahandmichael said...

i cant wait to come home and talk to you in person about all these things going on! miss you. and ps. you and joel are eating 10 eggs??!!

Katie, Interrobangs Anonymous said...

I got interviewed by Global yesterday about the game. I doubt they'll use the footage, as it included me singing the praises o' the Bruins. And then we went to Tim Hortons and I ordered a Boston Creme Donut; none of this "Vancouver Creme" nonsense.