Sunday, June 26, 2011

We went to the circus!

It was part of my birthday present.  We play pretty fast and loose with celebratory dates around here.

And ok, Cirque is never not amazing.  There are always wacky new elements, and they dream up the most unexpected shenanigans.  Like, so there's a jump-rope bit, and it's rad, and then these two guys pull out a long rope between them and these, like, SIX GUYS stand shoulder-to-shoulder, and then four more guys stand on THEIR shoulders, and then ANOTHER DUDE stands on THEIR shoulders, and then the rope turners turn and the whole shebang JUMPS.  And no one dies.

And some bits repeat, because it wouldn't be Cirque without that girl on the pole.  You know the one, she stands on one arm on a pole and then just contorts around her one arm?  It's pretty much the same thing every time, and I totally love it.  Ok but then also, that couple hanging from the satin sashes?  With the guy in the high-waisted pants, and they're always very yearning?  I could totally do without them.

sooooooooooo mournful

But there's probably someone loving the sash-couple like I love the pole-girl.  Whatever.

Most amazing for me were these Chinese-dragon-lion-dog creatures, made of two people and a giant head (like when you make a donkey on family sitcoms?  And someone's always pissed to be the butt-end?), and they STOOD ON BALLS.  Like elephants do.

pretend this is a furry Chinese dragon with very dog-like mannerisms. but made of people

And then they WALKED AROUND on those balls.  Like, over a see-saw.  You will see it happening and you will still be like, No, this is not happening.  Especially when one stands on its hind legs.

And people jumped through hoops and there was some trampoline business involving a wall which they ran up and if Dralion ends up in your neck of the woods, guys?  You go.

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