Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Before she's even on the outside.

Totally annoyed with the baby last night for the first time (discounting those 'Lousy baby, can't have a beer' and 'Lousy baby, can't lie face-down' and 'Lousy baby, shoving all my stomach acid into my esophagus' moments) because I was awake at 3 (as one is) and she wouldn't calm. down. 

Like, after I drank the Toxic Diabetes Juice (To Test For Diabetes, But Kind Of Also To GIVE You Diabetes) yesterday, it was like popcorn popping in there.  And I dig.  You have just had your first taste of candy-for-breakfast, you clearly need to climb some walls.  (Uterine walls.  Ugh.  Sorry.)

But in the middle of the night you need to settle for a few desultory kicks, maybe a bit of backstroke.  Mostly, though, you could practice sleeping.  And then *I* could be sleeping.


rhapsodyinbooks said...

It's never too early to start with grounding her! Don't let her go out for like, at least a week!

Kate said...

Too bad they don't make Womb Books, that kid could channel some of that energy into learning how to read early.