Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I have a real doctor, but she's way over there.

I don't know what pregnant women did before The Googles.  The search terms I have googled in conjunction with 'pregnancy' are legion, and mostly disgusting.  Some of the lesser-embarrassing ones include 'pregnancy and nosebleeds' (super-common!), 'pregnancy and migraine auras' (not terribly uncommon!), 'pregnancy and losing an eyebrow' (commoner than you'd think!).

And I knew that lower back pain was a thing (because come on, these boobs.  If I were my lower back I'd be a jerk about it, too), but I've been having extremely localized pain in my mid-upper right back.

'pregnancy and mid-upper back pain'...hey, that's totally a thing!  Except everyone is like, Yes!  I have that!  And my doctor doesn't know what to do about it!  So looks like we'll just have to suffer through, ladies!

And then a few of them are all, It's trapped gas, or a pinched nerve.  At any rate, do X and Y to try to expand your rib cage, and that should help.

It helps.  Thanks, Dr Googles.


Julie W. said...

Have you ever tried a chropractor? That was a big help during pregnancy and now postpregnancy for me, with the larger breasfeeders and sciatic nerve :)

Rhiannon said...

my good friend had the same thing for 7 MONTHS of her pregnancy. It was a pinched nerve and she just had to power through too.

I agree though, I'm currently 7 months into *trying* to get pregnant (complicated by my Rheumatoid Arthritis and detox from the meds that have had me in remission for 13 years) and the THINGS I have googled!! Mostly too embarrassing to even mention out loud to my doctor because honestly!! Try saying vaginal mucus out loud. yuck.
Thank god for the internet.

Anna @ hiddenponies said...

HA, yes, the nosebleeds. What a surprising side effect...did you really lose an eyebrow too??

Anonymous said...

Unsolicited advice! I have some for you!
My aunt and I were just discussing this. She went to the hospital - like, a hundred years ago when she was having her kids - because the back pain was so severe and they had her on all fours, which released the pressure on her back and gave her a break. Also, swimming is kind to pregnant women.
Happy weekend Raych!
Love September