Monday, June 11, 2012

Seattle: The Frolics

You guys I am HOME. I am home and my laundry is rolling and I have unpacked my many, many outlet mall shopping bags and uploaded my many, many photos and I don't even know where to start.

Ok let's get this out of the way: Eleanor slept terribly. The first night, I got maybe six hours sleep in hour-hour and a half chunks and I was like UGH EVERYTHING and the next night I was all, WELL AT LEAST IT CAN'T BE WORSE THAN LAST NIGHT and it was so much worse. So now we know, Eleanor is Bad At Sleepovers and Prefers Her Own Bed.

However. Eleanor during the DAY was amazing. She's all, Oh you wanted to go to the zoo? I'll just chill here in my wrap. You want to dash around Seattle in the drizzle looking at curiosities? I'm cool here in my stroller. You have to drive six hours from Portland back to Vancouver? I'll sleep and then burble in my carseat and then sleep some more. You guys go ahead and do you.

So, ok, should we talk Seattle first? The eatings deserve their own post, since this was our Eat St Vacation (with Bonus Zoos) but we did other things besides eat (HAHAHAHA [no for real, we did. I have pics, man]).

Like go to the outlet mall in Tulalip. And shopping with an infant wrapped to you so you can't try things on is frustrating, and shopping when you are kind of back to your old size but you have these ENORMOUS RIDICULOUS BREASTS is also frustrating (say what you will, but I am not a fan of trying to dress breasts. They are unruly), but there are always shoes. And then I found a running skirt at The Gap for $9, and running skirts are not really a thing that has caught on here in Canada so they're hard to find, but I'm really into them. So the trip wasn't a total waste, is what I'm saying. Also, outlet malls are the only time I can afford to shop at Banana Republic.

Ok and then, AND THEN. (Brace yo'selfs.) Here are some billy goats gruff.

Oh, where are you going, billy goats gruff? Were you headed over that bridge? Well look out because THERE ARE A TROLL UNDER IT.

This was seriously my highlight of Seattle. I KNOW. But he was so exactly what I imagined in my head and what I wanted him to be and that NEVER HAPPENS. I mean, look at him.

And then we did the Underground Tour, which I'm pretty sure I've done before, and it's historical and interesting and fine. And THEN we did a tour of the Theo Chocolate Factory, which was my other Exceeds Expectations on this trip, because THIS IS WHERE CHOCOLATE IS BORN.

It was a little Willy Wonka, even down to the chocolate river (which was in a bowl. No one fell in) and we got to taste plain roasted cocoa nibs (so, chocolate before it's buttered and sugared) and sort of got hooked on them and bought a tin to snack on whenever we were low on pep, which (see, like, eight paragraphs ago) was all the time.

And then we went to Pike Place Market and learned that I am not the World's Tallest Man.

And then we went to the Woodland Zoo and were like, Oh, that is the monkey that we fed some fruit leather to the first time we came here, seven years ago (also, shhhh, do not tell the Woodland Zoo people), oh, and that is a polar bear and OH LOOK, ELEPHANTS.

I am excited to return to zoos when Eleanor knows and cares what animals are.

And that was evening and morning, the first three days, and the next day we got up and drove to Portland.


Katie, Interrobangs Anonymous said...

Do they still have the Masai interpreters at the zoo? My friend Kikuyu (an actual Masai warrior, which means he has lion-killing skills) used to be the lead presenter.

rhapsodyinbooks said...

Adorable pictures, especially the last one! I have a picture of my husband on the troll, but I didn't climb him myself. We have a picture of me in front of the Lenin statue instead!