Monday, April 08, 2013

Easter is animalicious.

(I don't know why this didn't post on the day I posted it so I'm re-posting it. Or...I'm posting it in the first place. This post is, like, a week old.)

We have had a day. We went to the zoo.

I know! There were penguins, so we gawped at the penguins.

There was a baboon, so we waved 'hi' to the baboon.

There was a playground, so we ventured into the playground.

There was a wolf, so we howled like the wolf.

There was a bear.

Egads, you are so close, bear.

Then we went to friends' for Easter dinner. There was a fire alarm. SEVERAL trucks came, so we evacuated the building.

There was no fire. But there WAS a guinea pig, so we fed the guinea pig some lettuce.

It was like our own tiny petting zoo.

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