Saturday, April 20, 2013

Fun times in Quiltlandia

Eleanor has this quilt from her Gigi that she loves, and every time I spread it out for her she spins in puppy circles to find all her friends.

And here is the meow and here is the girl

And here is a peep peep, and HERE is a peep peep, and HERE ARE MORE PEEP PEEPS

And then the other day she discovered the border squares, which are covered in little kids playing and kitties and MOST IMPORTANTLY tiny puppies. Now she does laps around the edge going Pup? Pup? Owwowwowwww. Pup?

The other day, I spread out a few books for her on the quilt.

She was like, I will read these two?

I will read all of them?

I need more hands.

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