Saturday, January 11, 2014

I have whatever the opposite of Buyer's Remorse is.

Our consignment store sells these mittens that go halfway up the arm, and I wasn't buying a pair because they're $16 and I feel like that's absurd.

But then I realized that half of my reason for not taking Eleanor outside to play when it's warm enough is because her mittens fall off, or snow gets in at her wrists, and half of my misery when walking somewhere is because her mittens slip and the thumb gets out of the thumb-hole and she gets all angry about it, and all of these things require ME to take off MY mittens to fix them, and some days it's that cold that freezes your hands INSTANTLY and then you can't feel them for hours.

So I bought the mittens, and I am so damn happy with them. SO HAPPY. The arm-part keeps them securely on her hands so the thumb stays put, and she can roll around in the snow all she wants and don't no snow get in nowhere.

Today it got up to -5 and I thought it might be warm enough to make an Actual Snowman, and even though no dice we still whaled around in the yard for half an hour. Nothing makes -5 feel warm like two weeks of -30.

And the snow is SO DEEP that we kind of just hike through it, and Eleanor has to hold my hand whether she likes it or not.

And then I buried her in it like we were at the beach. WHITE SAND BEACHES.

Wherrrrrre's my feets? Der dey are.

Apparently snow ice cream is a thing you can make, and this string of balmy days is supposed to last at least a week. I know what WE'RE doing tomorrow.


Amy said...

Buyer's satisfaction?
Buyer's joy?

Reading Rambo said...

Omg that first pic.

"So....I'm wearing these things now."

Vasilly said...

Wow! -3 days?!

kate.o.d said...

DID you make ice cream snow? Can we see?