Thursday, January 16, 2014

Joel's birthday

The other day was Joel's birthday. Eleanor made him a card.

Those are triceratopses on the front. Any time she draws a straight line upwards these days, Iss a triceratops! Iss a baby one.

I made homemade blueberry perogies for the first time.

None of them ruptured in the boiling water. The potato and cheese ones I bought from the store were just tough enough to be like, Oh, homemade ones really are better. They're just, I mean, the effort.

Eleanor kept wrapping her fork in her washcloth and giving in to Joel. Iss a present for dad! From Eleanor! Iss a fork.

She is so bad at secrets.

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raidergirl3 said...

So sweet when they are generous! Your post reminded me of when our youngest would give my husband a tiger hand puppet for every occasion. She got it in her head that it was his, so birthdays, Christmas, father's day, whatever. She would 'wrap' it in a present bag and give it to him over and over. Because it was his.
I enjoy these posts so much as they remind me of when my kids were little, and watching them learn and grow.
Also, congrats on the sisters. Sisters are the best.