Friday, April 24, 2015

And lo, now I am 33.

Drift Sidewalk Cafe made me (and Eleanor) a strawberry and goat cheese crepe, with chocolate sauce. 

Geneva had steamed carrots. SHE AIN'T WISE TO IT. 

Yesterday Me made lunch for Today Me. Mogul Divan made me dinner (and Joel and Eleanor picked it up). 

The farmer's market made me a tiny cake. 

It was thick with caramel and walnuts inside. I couldn't decide on just the cake, though, so I also bought the world's tiniest cherry pie. 

All this not-cooking gave me time to hang out with my little hooligans. 

Good birthday, in all.


blackbird said...

What a day!
I wish you an amazing, wonderful, delicious year!


kt said...

Many happy returns of the day!!