Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Eight and still ticking.

Eight years ago today, Joel and I got together to make faces with our nearest and dearest, all while impossibly well-dressed.

Seven years ago, we were living in Abbotsford and going to 80s parties because that's what you did in 2008.

Six years ago, we were living in Victoria and going on accidental staycations because we are bad at maps.

Five years ago, we were STILL living in Victoria and I had cancer and then I didn't and then we went to the Olympics. It was a big year for us.

Four years ago, we were STILL living in Victoria. Bonkers, right? We felt super Victorian by this point.

Also, you'd never know it (I didn't know it) but I'm like three weeks pregnant in that photo.

Which is how, three years ago, we ended up living in my parents' house, being all like HOW DO YOU BABY.

Eleanor isn't sure either.

Two years ago, we were living in Calgary being like, HOW DO YOU BABY WITH ALL THIS WINTER THOUGH.

Last year, we had moved to Saskatoon and were like, HA HA THAT WASN'T A WINTER THIS IS A WINTER THOUGH.

Also, I was mega pregnant. Like, really very huge, at this time.

Since then we have added a whole other person to our family.

And had the longest, hardest summer, baaaasically all of which is a blur.

And we went camping and it was great, and then we went camping again and it was insanely cold.

And my parents and my sister and her baby came to visit.

And Joel's parents came to visit, and fall did its fall thing where it's just super warm and pretty and you're like, What winter.

And we boiled Geneva in a cauldron because October is basically one long Halloween celebration up in here.

Also we went to Cuba just like real quick, and brought Geneva but left Eleanor and it was AMAZING and TRAGIC and AMAZING.

And then we had Christmas and then Eleanor turned three and how is she even that old, I ask you.

We went home for visits,

we went to Palm Springs,

and between one thing and another, we have made it to spring.

Now summer lies ahead of us, with all of its glory, and summers and summers and summers to come. Eight years married! Not yet divorced, and neither of us has died. We are doing so well by ourselves.


blackbird said...

I luff all of you.

blackbird said...

I had to select a cake to leave this comment!
Do you know about that???!

dlgowan said...

Happy Anniversary! (I attended a conference in Arizona recently and there were 2 Canadians there and they explained the whole "Canadians like to vacation in Cuba" thing to me, so now I know.) :)

Anna {hiddenponies.com} said...

So much happenings. Congrats on making it thus far, and here's to many more, with less cancer and less blurry summers.

Reading Rambo said...

Awwww, I love this.

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Happy Anniversary. Happy Life!

leahandmichael said...


leahandmichael said...

o crap. i should really go to bed.... love this and love youuuu