Sunday, July 26, 2015

Dog days.

Saskatoon is just, like, this magical place to live. We were walking to the splash park today, it's the first day in like a week that we haven't seen our cousins because ugh they have other cousins who also live here, and we were feeling a little bummed and mostly just going to the splash park because we had nothing else to do. But we were seeing a TON of dogs out and about, and I finally stopped a lady and was like, Is there happening, or are there just a weird amount of dogs out today. And she was like, It's Pets in the Park today! And then we walked like another block and hey-o, dogs.

You perhaps cannot tell, but that is a dog obstacle course. Literally everyone in Saskatoon with a friendly dog was at the park this morning, and there were booths selling dog toys and live music and a concession stand and Eleanor played a round of horseshoes and won a sticker and THERE WAS FACE PAINTING OBVIOUSLY.

Eleanor had just petted a Dalmatian so she got her face dalmation'd in his honor.

That child petted so many dogs this morning. And a ferret. And a hairless cat.

'Why is he bald?'
'I dunno, some animals are just bald.'
'Like some people. Like my Papa. He has NONE hair! But we love him anyway.'

And I'm not sure I've conveyed Geneva's love of dogs, but she lost her tiny mind. Woohf! Woohf woohf!

Oh, did I not mention? We got her face painted, too. She sat so. still.

And eventually, Eleanor started to get stressed out by all the dogs, and to panic when a big one looked at her with his face, and we had to go home. But as we were leaving the grounds, we ran into A GIANT SUNSHINE WHAT EVEN IS HAPPENING.

Eleanor's mouth is full of carrot, so this picture doesn't convey her full and unhinged delight in the giant sunshine. Another day in Saskatoon, another marvelous thing happening. 


Somaiyya said...

"But we love him anyway." LOVE!

trish said...

I'm beginning to think Saskatoon is the happiest place on earth.