Thursday, July 16, 2015

I have made a number of bad calls today.

Ok so our life isn't ALL just chocolate-covered churros and off-brand balloon tigers.

(We turned Eleanor's seat around yesterday so that she faced Geneva for the long walk home, and they BOTH LOVED IT, and Eleanor was bonking Geneva with her tiger balloon and Geneva was LAUGHING AND LAUGHING

and then Eleanor's substandard tiger balloon came undone a little, and she was like, HE IS A TIGERAFFE WITH A LONG NECK AND ONLY HIND LEGS and then she went fishing with him for a bit.)

This morning we went to our little pool because duh.

After naps, Eleanor was like, Let's go to the splash park! And the forecast said THUNDER and I was like, Tut tut, looks like rain, and she was like, NO IT DOESN'T LOOK THERE IS SOME BLUE SKY IT IS SUNNY and I was like, Ok, I will put them in the bike trailer and I will JOG there, because then even if it rains, they'll be covered. PLUS it's like 30 degrees out.

But like half a kilometer down, the front wheel (which was on its last legs) broke off of the bike trailer, so I had to wheelie back home and THEN IT STARTED TO RAIN but we were in for a penny, in for a pound, so I attached the trailer to my bike and biked to the park in the rain.

We had the park to ourselves because hello, it had just been raining, but we only lasted about ten minutes before Eleanor was like, LET'S GO HOME because she is the tiniest dictator.

So we piled back into the stroller and I was like, I will just leave Geneva in her swim diaper because she just peed over there like two seconds ago so she will be fine, but then she POOPED on the way home (during which I got rained on again) and I was like, UGHHHHHH EVERYTHING FINE YOU BOTH GET A BATH.

So I put them both in a big, bubbly warm bath and on account of the bubbles, I have no idea how long they were sitting in a poop-filled bathtub for BUT IT WAS PROBABLY A WHILE. Anyway, I took everybody out, drained the tub, washed the tub, put everybody back in and rinsed them down, took Geneva out and let Eleanor finish her bath.

And then I fed them and gave Eleanor ridiculous hair to make myself feel better and put them both to bed at 6:30, which is literally the only good decision I have made all afternoon. As an aside, I am teaching Geneva to use a spoon and it is obviously going super well.

I mean, she's having a whale of a time, so.


Constance said...

Toughest job in the world being a mom. Those are two very fortunate girls. And they will turn out to be just as fabulous as you because... well, you are you! Even crazy days are gold with your touch.

blackbird said...

I only spent one summer alone with two tinies - you get major props from me for making ANY decisions at all.

kt said...

You 'uns are the bestiest. My college-bound girlie & I love peeking in on your adventures. Y'all do you; we are enthralled. ;>)