Thursday, October 29, 2015

Back into the fray.

HA HA OH MAN what happened there. I just fell into a black hole, nbd. So Papa and Gigi left, and then like a week later Grandma and Grandpa came! There was books.

There was a giant dog named Bjorn.


Geneva tried to pull this post up, but she was doing it like it was a joke, like she knew she was this tiny person trying to pull up this embedded post and that it was ridiculous. Heeeeeeave!

There was cuddles.

There was onion rings.

Honestly, I have like zero pictures from this time because every day I would be like, Take the kids to the park! I'm making a zillion lasagnas! Or Hey, hang out with Geneva for a bit while I drop Eleanor off at preschool and then run a thousand errands! But I got so, so much done and finished like 90% of the girls' costumes that week and since they left, we have been Halloweening full steam ahead. Dragons ahoy.

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