Friday, October 02, 2015

The Halloweening has begun.

The Last week, some friends of mine and I were chatting about Halloween, what we were doing for costumes, for decorating, etc. And I got all excited and then I realized that it was like basically almost October already and I couldn't wait any longer and I dug out a ghoul.

The girls loved him. OooooOOOOOOooooo, says Geneva, whenever you ask her where the ghoul is. That night I dug out another ghoul, the one trapped in his coffin, and while the girls napped, I put up the spider.

I love this sort of slow-burn decorating. Every time Eleanor comes out of her room, her little eyes dart around looking for the new spook. She had to HUNT for Sam Skellington, because he's by the front door in the hat basket.

I also love the full holiday explosion, so on October 1st I pulled out the rest of my stuff. The ghostie feet from last year.

The fancies.

The help.

The mummy cat.

All the random skulls.

Eleanor used to be so terrified of this one, the angry one. She used to make him face away from the living room so that he wouldn't be looking at her 'with his face.'

Both girls are allowed to play with the Halloween village. Geneva keeps bringing the zombie pirate to me while I'm cooking, like, Stew him please.

There's a Doctor Sawbones that Eleanor keeps putting to bed, and SeƱor Bones, whom Geneva carries around like a baby. Rock, rock.

I know it's only like October 2 but we are so, so excited.


dlgowan said...

Your decorations are awesome, but that spider needs to be burned.

Reading Rambo said...

This is all the cutest.