Friday, July 15, 2016


We are alive and living in Chilliwack. We were without internet for the first like ten days and I for one am glad there is no record of that long dark week of the soul (aside from the many dozens of tear-soaked texts I sent Josie about how sad I was) and frankly I do not really want to talk about it because it's only the last few days that I don't cry all the time and I'd like to keep that streak going. ACK! I am crying now. Let's talk about something else.

Me rn
Let's talk about how the day we left was Eleanor's half-birthday, and half-birthdays are kind of a thing around here because of how close Eleanor's actual birthday is to Christmas, and because Celebrate All The Things is how we do. So on Eleanor's half-birthday, we celebrated by leaving a city we loved and driving like seven hours, it was so fun. We had our lunch in the back of the car, a picnic made of like cucumbers and chunks of cheese and some granola bars. Things we hadn't been able to finish off before we moved.

EVENTUALLY we got to the hotel, and walked next door to the Boston Pizza. My mom had a present for Eleanor, and there was a random balloon guy! He made Eleanor a balloon mermaid!

And we got these little ice cream burgers for dessert!

And the hotel had a pool!

'This is the best day of my LIFE,' she said.


Jane said...

Hugs and love.
Chilliwack is cool.

blackbird said...

I'm so glad you had your parents with you...I'm crying too.
Eleanor looks six.

blackbird said...

Your mom has a tattoo?
And she looks younger than me?

dlgowan said...

I'm sorry to hear about the tears. I'm glad Eleanor's half-birthday was nice, though. Hang in there...