Friday, July 01, 2016

We are moving (real time version)

We are moving! We are mid-move. We are in Calgary. All our stuff is in a bin...somewhere. See you in like two weeks, stuff!

I am feeling (and this might be the period talking, great timing, body!) the maximum amount of all possible feelings right now, I cannot believe my body is containing them and I am not exploding all over the inside of this car. I had a minor meltdown our last full day because it was supposed to rain so I sent my mom with the girls to an indoor play place and then it ended up being a BEAUTIFUL MORNING and I couldn't get a hold of them to reroute them to the splash park and it was our last day and I felt like an ABJECT FAILURE and I knew it was the crazy talking but I could not reign it in. 

(I finally got them and sent them to the park and then I found my ereader, which had been lost for weeks and then I felt completely overwhelmed with gratitude and good fortune. Like I said. All possible feelings.)

Onward and upward. G'bye, flats. You've been real. 


dlgowan said...

Good luck to you! I hope the move goes as smoothly as possible. (And yay for finding lost stuff!)

Katy Murphy said...

Oh. SO MUCH. Sending love and best wishes. We LOVE Vancouver and wish we could live there. You will all be Fine. ( As you are at present.)

Pam said...

All very stressful but I look forward to reading about your adventures in Vancouver. I was there, for a day, in 1970. It may have changed.