Thursday, September 15, 2016

Fall is falling!

We are creating ourselves a butt groove in the armchair of Chilliwack. Eleanor started school!

She was nervous about it earlier in the summer, because she went to this daycamp and on the first day, she cried when I left her, and I have never had to leave her crying anywhere! It was traumatizing for both of us! So she was like, I might cry on the first day of preschool. And I was like, You might! But then she ended up at the same school as her cousin and she was FINE and today she was like, I'm so happy because I get to go to school.

Meanwhile, Geneva's in Eleanor's bedroom while she's gone, and I peek my head in and she's like, I wassn't doing nuffink, mama.

Both girls started rhythmic gymnastics this week ('ribnick,' says Eleanor. 'Dimnaskicks,' says Geneva) and it is hilarious.

and we went apple picking!

We were going to go last week but then I had to go grocery shopping for camping so we rescheduled, fortuitously. Look at that weather.

Look at dis baby in a wagon.

Look at dese baby goats!

Wash your hands, guys, they're all goaty.

We picked big old bags of honey crisps, and then when the lady rang them up and was like, $12 please, and also, here is a fun thing we do, if you were at Safeway this bag would be *boop de boop* $48! I found that deeply satisfying; thanks, apple lady. Also, I bought this hiLARyus pumpkin and I love it so much and I have so many plans for it.


Kamsarmer said...

Glad fall is funning in fabby BC.

blackbird said...

I think maybe THIS week is the best week ever.