Sunday, September 11, 2016

The rest of the best (week ever).

Remember the Funnest Week Ever that Eleanor was having? I meant to keep blogging about that but then our internet was down for FIVE DAYS, so Eleanor continued to have a fun week but Joel and I were like, This whomps. But ok so there was this random festival at Garrison Heights, where we don't actually live because I like having a yard. But there was a porcupine!

The girls got their faces painted and the dentist was handing out free popsicles.

Look at this sass cat.

Balloon animals, climbing wall, bouncey castles.

And then we went looking for a treat and we were like, Mini donuts? Fancy poutine? But it was SO HOT so we just went back to the dentist and each got another free popsicle and sat by the live band until it was so so so late, and then we went home.

THE NEXT DAY (the festival was like the day after we took Eleanor and Hazel to the adventure park, so you can see how the week just got funner and funner), we went to my parents' house for the weekend because Joel was on 72 hours worth of call and WE CAN JUST DO THAT NOW, we can just skip town instead of eyeballing each other like...So. Anyway. We took them on the skytrain and then down to the Vancouver Library, which blew their minds.

LOOK HOW BIG IT IS. And then we went to On Yogurt for ice-fried yogurt (it's a thing, it's delicious) and to play tiny foosball.

And the NEXT day we were still at Papa and Gigi's, and the NEXT day we went to Grandma and Grandpa's for supper!

And the NEXT day Joel had off, and we went to Harrison for the morning! But all those pictures got eaten by my phone, apparently!

And the NEXT day we went strawberry picking with friends!

And there were alpacas!

And then we ran into the girls' cousins on purpose or unexpectedly for FIVE DAYS RUNNING. Everything is basically the best.

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School? Did school start? Did I miss it?