Sunday, November 20, 2016

Fancy nancies

Let's talk about the dress-up bin, how about.

Eleanor spent all of September asking me when I was going to bring out the dress-up bin, even though she knew the answer was October 1st.

That was a pretty great day.

So great!

Wookit dis widdle dragon.

And then they were just in dress-up things basically always. Wanna eat some cheese? Dress up like a rat.

Wanna read a book? Needs a tutu.

Fireman hat + fancy dress, this is fine.

I went to the thrift store and picked up a few new things for our collection.

Eleanor insists she's going to wear this polka-dotted thing for her birthday.

For a while, they put on endless 'shows' on the 'stage,' all of which were some variation on some one/thing eating a strawberry, and the strawberry running away shrieking.

Then, for a few days, they would play 'birdwatchers.'

Eleanor would sing her sailing song, and then say, Oh look, a bird! Let's fly after it! And they would flap around the room and climb along the wall of couches and into the dress-up bin, where they would 'nap,' before doing it all over again.

Have I mentioned the endless 'face painting'?


Oh hello, you.

After Halloween, I guess I waited too long before heading out for discount costumes (I waited like two days, you guys), so all that was left was off-brand princess stuff and like emoticon costumes, but I did find this Wonder Woman suit for $5.

It came with a headband that we immediately lost, so now Eleanor wears the belt as a headband. (That's our Christmas plant, which is a thing I started doing in Saskatoon to bring me HOPE AND GREENERY in the winter.)

Where you going with that cutlass, little fancy?


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Tis grand.
I swear.

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