Friday, November 04, 2016

Pumpkin acquisition

Let us go back in time! To last month. Chilliwack has this amazing Corn Maze slash Farm-Based Family Fun, but it is kind of expensive so we never go. But long story short, Joel's parents got free passes and took us ALL and it was a-maze-ing.

You know I'm never going to not make that joke. There was a corn pit! Which you may recall we first encountered last year in Rosthern, SK for the first time. Corn pits are hilarious.

THEY WERE IN THERE FOR LIKE AN HOUR. Also, this chair is humorously sized.

It stayed clear until near then end and then it rained and nobody minded because we have new umbrellas.

Look at us share those umbrellas!

You guys my brain was not exaggerating its remembrances of the rain. It rains every damn day: if the morning is nice, the afternoon rains. If the morning rains, the afternoon still might rain. Hgnnnnnnngh rain oh well LOOK AT MY KID LEAPING OVER A HAY BALE MAZE LIKE SHE IS A GOAT.

Also they had s'mores and when we are camping, we put Geneva to bed before we make s'mores but THIS WAS THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY so baby's first s'more.

Anyhoozit. That's where we got Joel's pumpkin. And then Eleanor's preschool went on a field trip to the pumpkin patch! We took a hay wagon out to the patch

('Wookit dis widdle pumpkin, I'mma bring dis pumpkin to ower house.')

and took the train back

to where all the bouncy castles and enormous lego piles and dress-up clothes were.

A+, would patch again.

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blackbird said...

You are the only thing making me look forward to Christmas.